Extraction Site Bone Graft

Surgical Instructions

Home Care After an Extraction Site Bone Graft:

The following instructions should be adhered to after bone graft material (allogeneic/donor bone or autogenous/self bone) has been placed in an extraction site.

  1. In the first few days to 1-week following surgery, you may occasionally notice fine bone granules in your mouth. This is normal and these bone granules are not harmful to you. Gently wipe them off your tongue rather than forcefully spitting them out.

  2. To reduce the number of bone granules that spill from the site of graft placement, you should:

  • Refrain from poking, touching, or brushing directly over the grafted area(s), as bone material can be easily displaced during the early healing stages.
  • For the first 48-hours after surgery, refrain from rinsing or spitting. This will ensure that the blood adequately clots and stabilizes the bone material.
  • Do not pull or lift the lip to look at the sutures. This may result in premature loss of the sutures.

  1. Smoking: To reduce healing complications, do not smoke any substances (including cigarettes, nicotine, marijuana, etc.) or vape for 72-hours following surgery.

Further precautions

If your surgeon placed a dental prosthesis (i.e., a ‘flipper’ or partial denture) at the site of the bone graft, it may require further modification to improve the fit. This may be done at the follow-up appointment. If you are unable to insert or remove the dental prosthesis, call the office.

If you have any concerns after your surgical procedure, please call the office (during business hours), or your surgeon directly at 519-630-4088.